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claritymask anti-fog spray

claritymask Anti-fog Spray was developed specifically for provided for crystal-clarity while wearing Prescription, or Reading Eyeglasses and your Surgical Mask 

  • Our attractive clear Lightweight 1oz. Spray Bottle is convenient to store, and carry. 
  • Fits easily into a pocket, or purse!
  • Provides hours of crystal-clarity with our unique formula
  • Can be used on all clear Face Shields, Glasses, Goggles, and clear Face Masks as well to maximize visibility and performance
  • The perfect Lens Cleaner!



12% Isopropyl Alcohol, 87% Water, 1% of mixture composition is witheld as propriatary trade secret



  1. Spray one, or two pumps onto a small soft cloth, or tissue, and make sure to apply gently to the full surface of the lens. ( Do not over-apply, as this will prolong drying time, and cause possible streaking )
  2. Once dry, the lens should be crystal-clear and ready for prolonged wear!

claritymask anti-fog spray

  • Due to current COVID-19 conditions, our Personal Protection masks cannot be reused, or repackaged. We will accept returns if notified within one week (7 days) of receipt of your order.
    We will replace any claritymask if damage is reported, with your Order #, and images of the damage. Please initiate any return, or damage reports through our WIX chat.

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