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A story of clarity

claritymask + packaging

About us

The innovative approach to creating the claritymask™ involved the intuitive assessment of the need to provide a variety of visual, and performance characteristics to address the impact of the novel COVID-19 Pandemic.

The parameters used to Design, and Engineer the mask were compiled by extensive research, and testing to meet the following criteria:


  • SIMPLICITY + COMFORT- The majority of masks/ Shields currently on the market use a form of Elastic Band which creates tension on the ears, or onto the back of the head to remain in place. Over time, these features cause irritation, and constrict breathing. Our claritymask™ uses it’s unique Folding temple design, like a pair of glasses to hold in place, and show our smiles again!


  • EASE OF USE- Current masks / Face Shields on the market are cumbersome to put on, claritymask™ goes ON and OFF with ease, and does not interfere with hair, or make-up! The claritymask™ “floats” on your face, and provides significant breathability, and protection. Our silicone EZ-Fit temple adjusters slide on the Folding temples to insure a perfect fit around your ear.


  • IMPROVED VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS- We live in a world where so much of life is visually communicated. Our fascial expressions are the windows into our souls, expressing our innermost feelings. The current use of masks obscures that ability to see the majority of our faces, and significantly affects us all, as well as those Hearing-impaired, and their families. The claritymask™ liberates us, and once again enables us to have the ability to express joy, happiness, laughter and all other subtle, and not so subtle nuances of expression !


  • COMPLETE VISIBILTY: Our Patent Pending technology, and intuitive Design enabled us to create a completely transparent mask, unlike any other product currently on the market. Each mask is treated with an Anti-fog barrier to minimize fogging in most conditions, and also includes our Anti-fog solution provided in the package for refreshing as needed !


  • MADE IN THE USA: The claritymask™, and all of its’ components are made right here in NY, helping to keep our NY workforce active. We can proudly say “Made in the USA” !

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