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Why claritymask?

Our innovative, US Patent pending approach combines the critical elements of comfort, safety, and style to help comply in environments requiring Social distancing:

Made in the USA

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Perfect Fit

• Soft clear silicone EZ Fit sliding fitments adjust to       insure a perfect fit

Crystal Clarity

• 100% totally transparent for full facial visibility

• Unbreakable Polycarbonate construction

• Improve communications, and Let your smile be seen!!



• Weighs only 1.6 oz.

• Maximum comfort with our unique 3-point contact

• Floats on your face!

Unique Folding Design!

• Folding temple design for easy ON and OFF!

• Will not interfere, or smudge Make-up, or hair

comfort is key

Comfort + Protection

Ultra-lightweight, 1.6 0z. for Easy On / Off like a pair of glasses, with durable hinged-folding Temples. NO ELASTIC BANDS to cause pressure and irritation during the day!


  • Weighs only 1.6oz.

  • Maximum comfort with our unique 3- point contact

  • Floats on your face!

claritymask unique folding
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Crystal clarity ...see others, let others see you!

Our unique design contours to your face. The clear claritymask utilizes a hydrophilic coating to prevent fogging, and remains crystal clear throughout the day! Ergonomic form contours to your face with our 3-point contact- Only…. makes contact on the bridge of your nose, and the top of the ears!

claritymask feather-light

unique folding design

  • Folding temple design for easy ON and OFF! 

  • Will not interfere, or smudge Make-up, or hair

comes with our own
1 oz. anti-fog cleaner

Use your claritymask™ anti-fog cleaner to cleanse, and improve the anti-fog properties of the mask.

claritymask packaging


Moisten a soft cloth, or tissue with the solution, spread it evenly over the surface, and let dry. Your claritymask™ now is ready to wear!

Reapply as necessary if fogging occurs.